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Teaching a Class at the PSP Deck Expo

It was an incredible experience speaking in front of a room full of pool builders and explaining the hows and why’s of using professional photography as part of their sales process.

We spent an incredible day at the International Pool Spa Patio Expo in Dallas, TX and gave a presentation during the exhibit phase. Many builders turned out to see Jimi Smith explain why using a professional photographer to shoot their pools is so vital.

Essentially, Jimi explained how perspective buyers are drawn in by exciting and compelling visuals. There is no better sales tool than high quality professional studio quality images of the completed pool project. The return on investment in terms of converting leads into sales is incalculable.

During the presentation Jimi fielded questions and participated in several discussions with builders who wanted to learn even more about the process and how to get their own pools shot by the pool industries leading photographers. What an incredibly gratifying experience all the way around.

Certainly, it was exciting connecting with so many old friends, and so much fun meeting so many new ones. The pool and spa expo was a complete success. Over ten thousand builders turned out to attend the expo. This event was certainly a sign that the industry is ready to reconnect in person and attend live events again. A welcome change of pace to the last two years we’ve been in quarantine. While last year’s virtual event took place in lieu of a live expo, nothing beats being able to connect with people in person.

Jimi Smith Photography
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