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As the pool industry’s leading photographer, my crew and I frequently travel all over the world shooting elaborate pool projects for elite builders and designers. The past couple years has really been hectic.

As the pandemic hit, we all held our breath for a few minutes because no one really knew how the industry would be impacted. Needless to say pool builders have been busier than ever and that demand has certainly trickled down to yours truly.

Jimi Smith Photography has grown over the past couple of years. We’ve added some new personnel in order to keep up with demand. Consequently, we’re continuing to grow our team to deliver an unparalleled level of studio-quality photography.

Word Is Getting Around

Word has definitely spread around that our little company in Athens, GA is actually the photographer of choice for elite builders around the world.

It’s humbling how gratifying it is to have a builder approach me and say “I want to hire you because I saw what you did for (insert builders name here) and want you to shoot our new pool project.” It really lets me know that our work is appreciated by the rest of the industry and that we’re on the right path.

Road Warrior – Racking Up The Miles

Speaking of paths, I think we’ve managed to rack up more frequent flyer miles in the past couple of years than I could have ever imagined when we first began this journey.

Suddenly I find myself crisscrossing the country shooting pools all over the place and I’m photographing projects for some of the Crème de la crème in the industry. The level of complexity and engineering that goes into some of these projects is truly mind-boggling.

Definitely a privilege to be in such high demand and truly blessed that our industry has grown the way it has in light of the Covid-19 pandemic. It could have definitely gone the other way, but luckily homeowners see the value in investing in their backyards right now and builders see the value in investing in great photography.

While I find myself making more and more frequent trips from the Virgin Islands where I spend the majority of my time, the past couple of years we’ve been busier than ever. For that, I am truly grateful.

Jimi Smith Photography
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